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MECY Provincial Documents

The main MECY document we will be working with in class is "A Continuum Model for Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum".  The Full Document (2.1 MB) is available as a PDF download.  There are also a number of related online resources including:

The LwICT website

The LwICT wiki

The SJSD LwICT website



You may also require additinal subject area curricula for your lesson plan assignment, which can be found on the MECY K-12 Curriculum website.








SAMR Model


Journal Articles

The following peer-reviewed journal articles explore the theme of technology in the classroom from a variety of perspectives.  While not all of these articles are required reading, you are encouraged to spend some time exploring them.  The articles have been loosely organized according to topics being explored in this course; however, they may (and probably will) address more than just one area or topic.


You may use these articles as a research base for your final paper.  You may also use other recent peer-reviewed journal articles, but doing so is not required. 


These are also the articles that you will choose from in your seminar groups.  Again, other articles can be used, but it is not necessary.



Teaching & Learning/Instructional Design

Yang_(2013)_Opimizing Classroom Environment to Support Tech Enhanced Learning.pdf

Picciano_(2011)_Examining the extent and nature of online learning in K12 education.pdf

Morgan_(2012)_Creating Videos Can Lead Students to Academic Benefits.pdf

Hew_(2012)_Use of Web 20 technologies in K12.pdf

Courts_(2012)_Using Technology to Create a Dynamic Classroom Experience.pdf

Cheung_(2013)_The effectiveness of ed tech applications in K12 classrooms.pdf

Buck_(2013)_Impacts of Smartphone Technology in the Classroom.pdf

Ali_(2012)_Integrating Technology with the Classroom Experience.pdf

Sheppard_(2011)_Reading with IPads.pdf  

Tamim_(2011)_What Forty Years of Research Says.pdf 

Hadjerrouit_(2010)_A Conceptual Framwork for Using and Evaluating Web-Based Learning Resources.pdf

Meyer_(2010)_Teaching and Learning with ePEARL.pdf 

Barab_(2009)_Why Educators Should Care About Games.pdf

Dale_(2009)_IPod as a Learning Technology.pdf

Hew_(2008)_Use of Audio Podcast in K-12 and Higher Education.pdf 

Hew&Cheung_(2008)_Use of 3-D immersive virtual Worlds in K-12 and Higher Education Settings.pdf

A collection of Articles on Game-Based Learning can be found here


Adapted Learning  

Black_(2010)_Digital Transition Portfolios for Secondary Students With Disabilities.pdf

Burke_(2008)_Behavioral-Progress Monitoring Using the e-DBRC System.pdf 

Hetzroni_(2004)_Word Processing as an Assistive Technology for Students With Writing Disabilitie.pdf

Verenikina_Interactive Whiteboards as a Tool for Teaching Students with Autism.pdf



Teacher Training and Professional Development 


Wetzel_(2008)_The Evolution of the Required Educational Technology Course.pdf

MacDonald_(2008)_PD for ICT Integration.pdf  

Herro_(2009)_Web 2.0 Literacy and Secondary Teacher Education.pdf

Harris_(2009)_Teachers technological pedagogical content knowledge and learning activity types.pdf

Cook_(2008)_A Literature Review of K-12 Virtual Learning Communities.pdf

Birch&Irvine_(2009)_Preservice teachers' acceptance of ICT integration in the classroom.pdf 

Parkes_(2010)_Eliciting and Assessing Reflective Practice-A case study in Web 2.0 Technologies.pdf

Inan_(2010)_Laptops in the K-12 classrooms.pdf


Evaluation & Assessment:

Strudler_(2008)_Costs and Benefits of Electronic Portflolios in Teacher Education.pdf

Seitz_(2008)_Powerful Portfolios for Young Children.pdf


 E-Learning & Distance Education

Intro to Learning Management Systems Mahoney.pdf

Murphy_(2009)_Research on the E-Teacher in the K-12 Distance Ed Classroom.pdf

Butcher_(2008)_Technology and open learning.pdf


21st Century Literacies

Salpeter_(2008)_21st Century Skills-Will our students be prepared.pdf 

Dede_(2010)_Comparing Frameworks for 21st Century Skills.pdf 

Ladbrook&Probert_(2011)_Information skills and critical literacy.pdf

Clark_(2008)_The New 21st Century Literacy.pdf

Hew&Brush_(2007)_Integrating Technology into K-12 Teaching and Learning.pdf

Rotherham_BOOK_21st Century Skills-The Challenges Ahead.pdf 


2008 Washington State K-12 Educational Technology Standards.pdf

A collection of Articles on Game-Based Learning can be found here

Various Research Papers on Digital Ethics


Example of a PDF with annotations using http://personal.crocodoc.com/



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