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The multimedia below will be viewed and discussed in class.  It has not been through a peer-review process and should not be cited as research.



This is an updated version of the popular video "Did You Know", which highlights some suprising trends: 


E-Learning, Serious Games, and Distance Education


Some applications of games for learning and assessment:


Tom Chatfield on how games reward the brain:


Sasha Barab discusses pedagogy and an immersive 3D learning environment calls "Quest Atlantis":


James Paul Gee discusses the use of games for grading:


Salman Khan uses videos to reinvent education:


"Moodle" is a popular Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used for distance education, or as a supplement to a traditional classroom.  This video uses a simple analogy to describe how it works:


An "online teacher" from a "virtual highschool":



Sugata Mitra on child-driven education through the web:


This article discusses the use of games for motivation and evaluation:




Assistive Technology


Some examples of assistive technology for special needs students are discussed:


MIT Graduate, David Merrill, Demonstrates a new technology called "Siftables":



21st Century Literacies


Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity:


SKR says Bring on the Learning Revolution:


Dan Pink discusses the science of motivation:

Dan Pink: A Whole New Mind 

Amber Case explains how technology is impacting evolution:


Mike Matas demonstrates the first fully interactive e-book:


Conrad Wolfram suggests teaching math with computers:


Chris Anderson on Web Videos and Global Innovation:


Carter Emmart on a 3D model of the known universe:


Dan Meyer on Math instruction:


Howard Gardner on Digital Youth and Ethics:

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