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Below are Links to some examples of typical eLearning modules/objects that students might do online.  Try them out (you don't have to complete them, but you can if you want) and reflect on what you like and don't like about his kind of learning experience.


The Crime Scene Game - This is a text based game that requires you to use questioning to gather needed information.


Analyze Soil Texture - In this analysis activity you will use a triangular grid to analyze types of soil based on composition.


Heat Flow Laboratory - This 'learning object' allows you to experiment with a variety of controls and challenges you to figure out a formula for heat exchange.


WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Online Training.  Perhaps you've had to do a similar module before.  Lucky you.


Course on Research Ethics - If you complete this learning module you will receive a certificate in Research Ethics from the Gov't of Canada (requires you to create an account).


InformNet/Manitoba Blackboard - This is Manitoba's portal to web-based courses/distance learning for SY courses.


Moodle Demo - This demo or 'sandbox' version of a moodle LMS allows you to log in as a variety of users and explore how an LMS works.

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